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The Best Airport Hotels: here you will wish you could miss your flight

The new face of Airport Hotels: A shot of the Grand Hyatt at Dallas Fort Worth

Traveling is an activity that has been present in the history of human beings since time immemorial. When moving from one place to another is logical that new needs arise and thus humanity has seen the emergence of a whole infrastructure that serves the purpose of food, comfort and shelter on the road known as the hotel industry. Over the years the average traveler has come to expect higher standards and this has also generated some pressure in the industry to build more and better hotels. Cities that before offered only a few modest places to receive visitors, now engage in  healthy competition, (most of the time) to develop hotels which will impress travelers. In the end we are the ones who benefit, especially lovers of services rendered in good taste, and we now have the opportunity to stay in fabulous locations, almost magical places that have become destinations in themselves. Hotels which were previously only crossroads and “just a place to sleep”, are now becoming authentic palaces, works of art that have incorporated the best of design and delivery to conquer the insatiable thirst of the modern traveler.

When traveling through airports most cannot recall an entirely pleasant experience, it is usually full of people, with long lines and poor food quality. The worst thing that can happen to a traveler is having to spend a night in one of these air terminals and we do not necessarily mean sitting in a chair waiting. Until recently, most airport hotels were nothing to write home about, they merely provided a necessary service in close proximity to the terminal. Traditionally these hotels have been places that lack taste, personality and sometimes even the bare minimum in cleaning standards expected of a good hotel.

Fortunately, the reality has changed, and now accompanying the emergence of modern and impressive air terminals, we are witnesses the emergence of fantastic hotels that rival any major city hotel.

We present here what we consider to be the best airport hotels we have visited in the world. These are no ordinary hotels, they are excellent five-star properties that make any traveler want to cross their fingers and wish that their flight gets canceled in order to enjoy a night of relaxation at these alluring oases.

Marriott Hong Kong Sky City Hotel

The impressive Marriott Sky City Hong Kong

We refer you first to Hong Kong, one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is a cosmopolitan city that offers some of the best hotels in the world. What is certain is that the bill in any of these hotels in Hong Kong does not come cheap. On the other hand it is also possible to find tremendously expensive hotels, but they are nothing out of the ordinary, with rather small rooms in buildings that are past due for a renovation.

In the midst of such a high end market sits the excellent Sky City Marriott Hotel, an authentic five-star facility next to the airport. This is an excellent choice and not just for those who need to spend a night alone, but also for families visiting Disney Hong Kong or those seeking tranquility away from the noise of the city but still with ease of access to the city. We stayed for two nights at this hotel and we can testify to an experience of the quality, care and friendliness of the staff. The hotel is well connected with places that are among the major tourist attractions in the area, such as the giant Buddha on Lantau Island and many modern shopping centers.

The hotel offers a free shuttle service to the airport terminal to the subway stop and the Disney park. The rooms go hand in hand with the traditional consistency Marriott and they are spacious and well appointed. This is a modern hotel that also offers excellent options to relax with a sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, modern gym and a beautiful indoor pool. As if all this were not enough, the hotel is next to a wonderful golf course. The Marriott Hong Kong Sky City offers a very attractive option compared to the city with a first class service and all of this just five minutes from the international airport.


Crowne Plaza, Changi Singapore airport

The modern marvel of Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport

Some words that can best describe Singapore are luxurious, chic and tasteful. Upon taking your first step in the world’s best airport you realize that you are in a country that despite being very small, does everything big. The first temptation which surrounds any traveler to Singapore is wanting to stay at the airport – literally, this airport is not only the best in the world, but it also offers one of the best hotels in the city. The Crowne Plaza is directly connected to the new terminal via a footbridge of glass, set in a futuristic design. The lobby is a place of peace and relaxation, with excellent decor, stunning waterfalls and gardens that make you soon forget about the stresses and worries of the trip. The rooms are large with plenty of space to relax or work. The pool is another great place to hang out. The Crowne Plaza makes you forget that you are in an airport and it is a great option for those who wish to recover from a long trip or for those who must spend a night between flights. Surprising to many, this hotel is also chosen by some visiting Singapore as a the main hotel for their stay but it is understandable by the fact that this is an excellent hotel, beside the international airport and connected the downtown by an efficient shuttle service that takes you to the business and shopping area in just 25 minutes. Another of the hotel’s attractions are the restaurants, among which there is a Cantonese style Chinese restaurant where diners can observe the guaranteed freshness of their meals by directly choosing a fish to eat from the pristine tank wherein the fish are happily swimming by.


Grand Hyatt Dallas Fort Worth Airport

A unique airport hotel in the USA Grand Hyatt at Dallas Fort Worth

We cannot deny that America is a leader in the hospitality industry worldwide, on the other hand we also have to acknowledge the fact that U.S. airports do not necessarily provide the best services for travelers. Some do this better than others, but usually terminals are lacking in character compared to the major Asian airports and they are always full of passengers and assembled in a disorganized way. This translates to many airport hotels that are more well-managed as a huge consumer industry with little attention to details. However there is a distinguished hotel among these and since its opening it has earned a place among the world’s best in its category. When we had the opportunity to stay there, we have to admit we were pleasantly surprised. The Hyatt Dallas Fort Worth has successfully combined the best of all concepts of efficiency and good taste to create this excellent hotel. Located in Terminal D, it has become a true model of what good airport hotels should provide in the United States. The Grand Hyatt at Dallas airport is really great in every way and it evokes the feeling of being a boutique hotel where there is every focus in the details. It is an excellent property for travelers who are on business and offers one of the best areas for business and meetings we have seen in an airport hotel. For those who want to rest between flights, they will surely be attracted to the swimming pool located on the terrace of the building. The hotel also offers an excellent spa with wonderful epicurean experiences. For those who want to use their time differently they may be encouraged to take one of the famous cooking classes offered on weekends. In a market such as America, saturated with many airport hotels, one could not hope for better than the fabulous Grand Hyatt. It is certain to become a role model for this type of airport hotel.


Radisson Blu Zurich Airport

The efficient and relaxing Radisson Blu at Zurich Airport

This city is certainly one of the most desired destinations in Europe for both business and pleasure. Zurich blends a love of nature with lavish comforts and efficiency that has made Switzerland one of the countries with the highest standards of quality of life in the world. Using the Zurich airport as hub in Europe is one of the wisest decisions that a traveler can make. This is a large airport with a modern design that gives the passenger the impression that it is more like an upscale shopping mall that offers the luxury shopping opportunities. There is no better complement to an airport such as this than a good hotel. That’s why the Radisson Blu fits perfectly on making Zurich airport is one of the best in the world. Directly connected to the airport, the Radisson offers one of the best experiences around in the world of airport hotels. It is an excellent choice not only for those who have to rest between flights, but thanks to the fact that the airport is directly connected to the train station, this hotel becomes a great launch pad for those who may have to travel to any part of the country. All day and night many trains depart for the main Zurich station and to many other cities in the country, that is why it is not uncommon for business people to choose the Radisson Blu at the Zurich airport as their home base. In addition to excellent facilities, the hotel offers free internet and top quality breakfast included. The hotel has over three hundred rooms and the design was commissioned by famous Italian architects who created a series of tasteful, bright and open spaces at maximum levels of quiet, a quality especially valued in a hotel that is located directly at the airport.

Almost all travelers will agree that it is difficult to find a swiss hotel of superior quality for an agreeable price. This is always a concern since Switzerland is in fact one of the most expensive countries in the world. The Radisson Blu in Zurich airport is not just an excellent hotel, but it also offers very attractive prices, especially when compared with hotels in the same category, which are found in the city center.


Kempinski Munich Airport

The Kempinski at Munich Airport

This hotel and the rest of the airport (one of the best in Europe) are a perfect complement to each other. This does not mean that you will feel in the hotel like you are in the midst of public, impersonal architecture. In fact, this is one of the best boutique hotels in the world and you cannot expect anything less since it belongs to the prestigious German hotel chain of Kempinski. Here in its homeland the brand decided to venture into a market in which they are typically not present: airport hotels. What is good is that they have not forgotten the details that makes their chain unique. Kempinski hotels are distinguished for offering very good facilities for relaxation. This hotel has a world-class spa and a beautiful indoor pool.

Just entering the lobby you feel transported to an oasis of tranquility and no wonder, as the lobby is decorated by various plants among which stands proud palms over fifteen feet high. For one arriving from a long flight and wanting to relax this is the place. The Munich Airport Kempinski does not hold back on its facilities for business travelers either, it has an excellent infrastructure to handle both small meetings and large conferences.

The staff is extremely friendly and we perceived as everyone took pleasure in carrying out even the smallest details with a smile. The concierge is also always ready and willing as a source of information for the needs of travelers. The hotel prides itself on being able to book through the concierge anything from a ticket to the stadium upwards to a private jet. The hotel has 343 rooms and 46 suites. All are well decorated and very spacious compared to what a traveler can expect from a typical airport hotel.

The Kempinski Munich Airport seeks to bring a higher level of experience to the hospitality industry. This hotel in Munich has done wonderfully and has taught the world that you can enter a section of the market, that is usually cast aside as undesirable, with an air of distinction and class.

All photos are courtesy of and property of their respective hotels.



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