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Jun 21

Stockholm: a verdant masterpiece

Stockholm as a city is like a great big garden. The city seems like something from a fairy tale: It is a complete intertwining of blue canals, bridges, parks, gardens, flowers, palaces and stone paved streets.  The air always has a hint of crisp frostiness even at the height of summer, which gives pep to …

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Jun 14

Marseille: the shiny waterfront city

  France’s Riviera has always been a place of natural beauty and at the waterfront of Marseille the wonders of human artistry and achievement meet the shining sea. Still Marseille often struggles to stay ahead of the elements and sea-worn looks that accompany such a placement. France’s second biggest city is the European capital for …

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Jun 11

Driving in the Amalfi Coast of Italy

It is probably one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, and in a country such as this a place has to be really stunning to be included among the best. The Amalfi coast is a group of little towns along an amazing  coastline of wonderful blue tones. Related PostsTravel Etiquette: rethinking the basics A …

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Jun 07

Cascata delle Marmore: spectacular waterfalls in Italy

  The Italian landscape and tourism scene offers so many striking images to the imagination, the shining blue sea of the Amalfi coast, the verdant hills of Tuscany, the turquoise lagoons of Venice and of course the wondrous waterfalls of Marmore located in Umbria, Italy’s green forest region. Related PostsCastel Gandolfo, Italy: a scenic adventure …

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May 31

Fatima Portugal: a site of religious beauty and heritage

Portugal contains many captivating landscapes from rolling hills, to glorious beaches and deep river valleys. It is also a country that has deep and longstanding traditions and one of the most recognizable instances of this is the place of religious pilgrimage known as Fatima. Related PostsA journey through Portugal Follow us in Portugal Following the …

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May 18

Vilnius, Lithuania: The charm of a beautiful European capital

  Lithuania still sounds like a new country for many of us, the true is that this is an ancient nation, a land which has been populated by a diversity of peoples over the centuries. My trip to Vilnius, the capital was full of discoveries. It was an encounter with a beautiful European town with …

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May 11

Oxford UK: wonders beyond the books

  One doesn’t have to be a scholar to appreciate the qualities and attractions of Oxford. This famed university town is quite a tourist attraction in addition to being a place of great learning. Perhaps the most alluring aspects are the centuries old campuses, the manicured lawns, splendid gardens and lively pubs and shops.

Mar 24

Dresden, Germany: city of lasting treasures

  This unassuming capital of the famed Saxony region of Germany has much to offer in terms of beautiful art, architecture and surroundings. Perhaps that is why above all it can be called a city of lasting treasures. It is a city that holds an impressive and dear patrimony of creativity that is like a …

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Mar 17

Two Great touring sites in Spain: El Escorial and Valle de Los Caídos

In a perfect day trip from Madrid escape to some enchanting monuments of wonder   What are they? Valle de los Caidos is a controversial, yet singularly impressive monument and basilica cut into the heart of a mountain as a memorial to the fallen of the Spanish Civil War. It is generally open every day …

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Mar 15

Berlin: the city of alluring transformation

    Having heard good things about Berlin before and quite honestly just wanting to get to the bottom of it, I recently undertook a trip there. After having experienced it I think it ranks among some of the best European capitals and it is a touring treasure central Europe. The city’s lengthy and storied …

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