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May 26

A day trip to the towns around the Hudson Valley in New York


There are many lovely little towns around the Hudson River Valley in New York. The nature and all the possibilities that are offered here allow anyone to enjoy incredible experiences of such beautiful locations. There is shopping, historic towns, first class restaurants, nature and opportunities to practice sports. In fact there is something for everyone. …

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Apr 04

Wine Tourism: destinations to savor

The sensational experience of Wine Tourism

There’s more than one way to experience a destination. For some an idea of travel may simply involve going and seeing a place. We are blessed with so many other senses that can often be forgotten, unless we really immerse ourselves into our destinations. One can smell the spices of an Eastern market, or one …

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Jan 03

Touring Rome’s Gelato Scene

The wonderful flavors of Gelato

So you’re on the road and you find yourself in the culinary capital of the world, Italy. Amidst all the varieties of cappuchino, all the shapes and sauces of pasta, all the whites and reds of wine, what’s missing? Dessert of course! Now Italy produces some fine post dinner delights which you must try, but …

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