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Jan 31

Essential Travel Precautions: emergency plan for losing your passport

  It can happen at any moment of any trip and even beforehand too. No one likes it and it is something so unthinkably inconvenient: losing ones passport. Whether it gets misplaced, stolen, damaged, the result is the same, you cannot leave your destination without it and running to your local consulate is the last …

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May 25

How to shop online for a vacation: tips so as not to turn the experience into a nightmare.


  Technology has produced a tremendous impact in our lives. It has changed even the way we shop for airplane tickets, hotels and services. It is a good thing. It seems that now the power of decision is in our hands and not in the hands of a travel agent, who even when most of …

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May 11

Tourism analysis: Why these countries are not playing their part in this growing market?


Recently in a trip to United Arabic Emirates I was very surprised when in one of the biggest malls I saw a stand where with nice music and colorful signs they were advertising the Philippines. I was immediately attracted because in all my years of traveling this is the first time that I saw such …

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Mar 12

Hurricanes, Earthquakes and travel delays: How to travel in troublesome circumstances

The changing factors of weather

Many of us may remember a precise moment or have a general notion of a time in our lives when we realized the world wasn’t perfect. It was a first betrayal perhaps or a major letdown. In any case it was the first of many such experiences that have and continue to have an impact …

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Feb 01

What is the price a country should pay to get tourists?

The wheels of progress push onwards

Every economic and interpersonal exchange involves transaction as well as distribution of goods and favors. This translates into the tourism and travel industries as well. A country must come up with a balance between the wear and tear of daily visitors versus the functionality of daily life for its own residents. Oftentimes the affected areas …

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Jan 20

The ups and downs of traditional ways of tourism vs. independent travel

Mark your own path on the trail

In the modern development of travel there have emerged two basic paths by which many choose to follow the roads that lead to travel experience. The first is the use of more traditional tourism methods, which often entails having the trip taken care of for you in total or at least partially. The second way …

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Dec 21

Losing sight of the goal: when traveling takes a back seat

We should always approach travel with a renewed spirit

It happens with most every hobby, exercise, fascination or experience. At some point or another it can develop into a trendy routine and from here undergo all the rigors of commercialization and get worn out in any and every way possible. Travel and Tourism are not immune to this phenomenon either.  The rewarding and deeply …

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Nov 29

Avoiding and Surviving Travel Tragedies

Always be prepared

Travel can be one of the most rewarding, enlightening and joy filled experiences one can have. The freedom of the open road, the temporary abandonment of daily routines and the displacement from mundane stresses can have a cathartic effect on the human spirit. Such a powerful sensation might even have us feeling invincible and untouchable …

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