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Apr 21

Venecia San Carlos: in-depth encounters of Costa Rica

  For a country with such a small outlay comparative to many others around the world, Costa Rica is one, which always seems to have another undiscovered corner to turn, even for frequent visitors. What is good for tourists to understand is that the entire country has great tourism awareness, from the most to least …

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Apr 18

Costa Rica: encounters beyond the canopies

  When thinking about Costa Rica the mind of many a tourist is often filled with visions of dense greenery, tropical splendor and thrilling adventures. It is certainly undeniable that this country is brimming over with intense experiences of nature, relaxation and exploration. Recently, however I had a unique opportunity to enjoy all of this …

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Feb 07

Travel Photography: three steps to better photos

  Often in our travels we have the chance to marvel and wonder at new things, curious things and unbelieveable things. Thankfully we have memories with which to recall such pleasant and defining moments, but since the inception of the camera, it has been a steady companion for travelers to bring back captures moments of …

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Feb 02

The experience of flying in a private charter jet

  Flying as an overall experience is something which is becoming ever more available to people around the world. It still may come as a shock statistically that only 5% of the world’s population is estimated to have ever flown. For those who travel for work or leisure it is an essential tool to cover …

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Nov 27

Ten destinations to see off the beaten path

  The nature of travel dictates that some destinations are more well known than others. The destinations that are off the beaten path are often just as impressive as a popular destination and have lots to see and do. This article will showcase ten special places that fit this category. Being “off the beaten path” …

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Nov 12

Great travel destinations for 2013

Great travel destinations to explore in the coming year   Looking forward to a new year with wide-open possibilities, we have put together a list of ten places that are seriously worthy of a traveler’s attention in 2013. Traveling is an ever-expanding encounter with the world. It brings us back to old favorites and allows …

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Jul 03

The Ten Best Spas in the World 2012


We at the Joys of Traveling enjoy our fair share of trips round the globe every year and as we encounter all the fascinating aspects of travel experiences, ideas and exchanges, it never ceases to amaze us how thrilling and changing things can be from one place to the next. Amidst so many experiences it …

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May 14

Studying Abroad: learn to travel for the rest of your life

Traveling as a student can be a formative experience

Studying abroad can be a life changing experience. It can open up new possibilities for travel, inspire new ideas for life and careers and even bring opportunities that may change lives. Sadly for those who never experience it, the joys of traveling might never be found, but even those who have studied abroad might not …

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May 03

If there is just one chance to travel these are five destinations not to miss.

A magical experience awaits in the Four Seasons Golden Triangle, Thailand

  There are many beautiful destinations in the world, and of course that it is impossible to visit all of them, the good news is that there will be always new amazing places to see. The question is where to go? Well the answer is actually not too hard. Just go. Finally it does not …

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Mar 23

The Best Airport Hotels: here you will wish you could miss your flight

The impressive Marriott Sky City Hong Kong

Traveling is an activity that has been present in the history of human beings since time immemorial. When moving from one place to another is logical that new needs arise and thus humanity has seen the emergence of a whole infrastructure that serves the purpose of food, comfort and shelter on the road known as …

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