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Jun 25

Havana Cuba: the legendary island capital

  Havana is a city that certainly has seen great change and variety. In periods of ascent and decline, it continues being a vibrant and rhythmic place whose streets and historic quarters inspire fascination. Cuba has and continues to move through many social changes, yet tourism here has always kept a strong foot in the …

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May 13

A personal experience of San Francisco

It was supposed to be a quick trip. I just wanted to be there, walk around and see the Golden Gate bridge. The truth is that San Francisco fascinated me, it is an electrifying city. Now I understand why this is one of the most visited cities of the world. Sharing with many others who …

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Apr 09

Los Angeles: City of Angels

    This article is a guest post written by Sarah Joseph.  Los Angeles, California: city of celebrities, palm trees and endless sunshine.  The city sprawls across miles and miles, from the desert to the beach.  With so much outdoor space and free activities, it’s a great place to visit if you’re trying to stick …

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Apr 05

Dalian, China: the vibrant and romantic city

  Dalian is more than likely one of the best kept secrets you will ever learn about China. It is a city with quite a unique past, a city that has profoundly been shaped by its gorgeous nature, its quality of life and penchant for attractive monuments, notable architecture and scenic appeal. Often called “the …

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Apr 02

Shijiazhuang, China: so much waiting to be explored

  It is certainly a true maxim that the more you learn the more you know about how much you really don’t know. This occurs time and time again in travel and especially every time I visit China. Take the city of Shijiazhuang for example. I recently had the unique opportunity to visit it and …

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Mar 13

Krakow, a city not to miss when visiting Poland

I have been hearing about Krakow for many years now . Still I hadn’t had the chance to visit it maybe because the flight connections are not always the easiest ones or the most affordable. In fact Warsaw –the capital- captures almost the totality of the international traffic from abroad. But in the end, a …

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Jan 19

Review: Mayfair Marriott Executive Apartments Bangkok

    Whether one is looking for a long term stay or even just a couple nights in Bangkok The Mayfair Marriott Executive apartments are an excellent option for having the spacious luxury of an apartment in this bustling city. Set in the part of the city known as Chit Lom, one is just minutes …

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Dec 14

Guangzhou: China’s ultramodern metropolis

    Guangzhou China’s third largest city is a city decidedly in charge of its own destiny and with a appetite for success that would be hard to match anywhere around the world. The sheer number of businesses, hotels, skyscrapers, convention centers and transport hubs for persons and goods tells the story of a place …

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Dec 03

Shenzhen, China: an amazing story of development

    The city of Shenzhen is yet another stellar example of what an impressive destination China is. This is certainly a county that keeps revealing new wonders every time I visit. Every city has a unique scene to explore, has an immense variety of marvels and an unmistakable character. Shenzhen is no different in …

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Nov 27

Ten destinations to see off the beaten path

  The nature of travel dictates that some destinations are more well known than others. The destinations that are off the beaten path are often just as impressive as a popular destination and have lots to see and do. This article will showcase ten special places that fit this category. Being “off the beaten path” …

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