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Jun 14

Marseille: the shiny waterfront city

  France’s Riviera has always been a place of natural beauty and at the waterfront of Marseille the wonders of human artistry and achievement meet the shining sea. Still Marseille often struggles to stay ahead of the elements and sea-worn looks that accompany such a placement. France’s second biggest city is the European capital for …

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May 08

Cairo, Egypt: A city in the dream list of any traveler

  I have been there many times and I am still fascinated in the same way that I was my first time. It is true, Cairo is a city that at first glance seems weird. A place that changes a lot every time one is there but at the same time its one of the …

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May 06

Jerusalem: a city of faith for many peoples

  It is not easy to write about a city so unified and at the same time so divided. One that means so much for many and that for others it is only an excuse for conflict. The truth is that one is easily moved just standing in Jerusalem, it’s complicated diversity makes anyone reflect …

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Mar 24

Dresden, Germany: city of lasting treasures

  This unassuming capital of the famed Saxony region of Germany has much to offer in terms of beautiful art, architecture and surroundings. Perhaps that is why above all it can be called a city of lasting treasures. It is a city that holds an impressive and dear patrimony of creativity that is like a …

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Mar 13

Krakow, a city not to miss when visiting Poland

I have been hearing about Krakow for many years now . Still I hadn’t had the chance to visit it maybe because the flight connections are not always the easiest ones or the most affordable. In fact Warsaw –the capital- captures almost the totality of the international traffic from abroad. But in the end, a …

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May 13

St. Augustine: The charm of an old city

Historic Flagler College in St. Augustine captures the old time charm of the city

It might be pejorative in some circumstances to describe something as old or ancient. But in the case of St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States it is nothing but a compliment. In fact if any city had to the right to look worn down and tired it would be this one, but …

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May 12

Memphis the birthplace of Blues and the home of Rock and Roll

Crowds on Beale Street (photo Andrea Zucker)

There are certain cities that have more to offer than most people initially imagine. I am now sitting on my plane leaving a city that has scored very positively in my book ever since I first had the chance to visit many years ago. I am referring to Memphis in Tennessee of course. Often all …

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May 11

Tourism analysis: Why these countries are not playing their part in this growing market?


Recently in a trip to United Arabic Emirates I was very surprised when in one of the biggest malls I saw a stand where with nice music and colorful signs they were advertising the Philippines. I was immediately attracted because in all my years of traveling this is the first time that I saw such …

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May 06

Warsaw: the city of rebuilt dreams

The charm of Old Town Warsaw Poland

Set in the heart of a lush green countryside Poland’s capital city of Warsaw offers a unique attraction for the curious tourist. The best part is that it is a very large city with many landmarks and monuments. All of these are very accessible and even when the city is very large most of its …

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Apr 29

Kuala Lumpur: a video of Malaysia’s bustling metropolis

The urban wonder of Kuala Lumpur

The experience of Kuala Lumpur can literally make one want to stay and become part of the fast paced urban scene. It seems from the very first glance like it is everything a city should be. There are endless opportunities to shop, to dine and drink luxuriously, to encounter jungle like nature in the midst …

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