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Feb 01

What is the price a country should pay to get tourists?

The wheels of progress push onwards

Every economic and interpersonal exchange involves transaction as well as distribution of goods and favors. This translates into the tourism and travel industries as well. A country must come up with a balance between the wear and tear of daily visitors versus the functionality of daily life for its own residents. Oftentimes the affected areas …

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Jan 26

Captivating Cologne

A view of Cologne a captivating river city

It is said that Germany is a destination that year round never disappoints. If this is true it holds even more so for Cologne. Germany’s fourth largest city and its pearl of the gorgeous Rhineland region has been one of my favorite Teutonic adventures over the years. No matter if it’s warm sunny days or …

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Jan 13

Is it a good time to go to the Middle East?

The calm oasis of Dubai

All the destinations around the world in today’s blossoming travel market have their fair share of good publicity, misinformation, attraction and fame. One market in particular which has undergone some serious scrutiny and discussion in recent memory is the area known as the Middle East. This sector of the world travel market is just as …

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Jan 03

Touring Rome’s Gelato Scene

The wonderful flavors of Gelato

So you’re on the road and you find yourself in the culinary capital of the world, Italy. Amidst all the varieties of cappuchino, all the shapes and sauces of pasta, all the whites and reds of wine, what’s missing? Dessert of course! Now Italy produces some fine post dinner delights which you must try, but …

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Dec 23

The situation of tourism in the United States

Mount Rushmore is a symbol of the great westward expansion in the USA

An honored tradition of Travel Every nation, culture and people have been affected at some point by travel. Travel was undertaken not always for its own sake, but often to seek a better life, resources or opportunities. Perhaps some of the greatest ventures in the modern era have been the travels and exploration of the …

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Dec 07

Discover Tianjin

Splendid night scenery of Tianjin China

I have always wanted to visit the Chinese capital city Beijing, having dreamt of walking across the Forbidden City and climbing the Great Wall, landmarks often featured in movies such as The Last Emperor, Mulan, Hero and various Chinese epic films. Along with the rest of the world during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I was …

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Nov 15

What is the role of Religion in Tourism?

The Balaji Temple at Rajagopuram

The idea and practice of religion is something which historically and essentially has always been part of man. While religions differ and express many similarities across the centuries there has always been and continues to be relevance for it in the hearts of men. For our purposes of travel discussion, there will be no talk of doctrine and …

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Oct 31

Particular Cultural Considerations

Different paths take us to different cultures

Many of the duties of a traveler or tourist include being adequately educated and informed about the destination about to be undertaken. This point has been reiterated in several articles previously. This cognizance includes general manners, respect and even a bit of research in order to discover what each place has to offer. The benefits …

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Oct 14

Kosovo: welcome to the young Europe

The downtown of Pristina Kosovo

I have to confess that I felt certain anxiety when the airplane was making the approach to Pristina. Yes, that’s correct, I just said Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. So many things have been said in the media about this new country that I really did not know what to expect. Even when I have been …

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