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May 16

Welcome to Oman – The best kept secret

 This is a post contributed by Kishore Waydande   From the lush green hills and waterfalls of Dhofar, across the drifting desert dunes of Al Sharqiyah (Wahiba) Sands, to the endless unspoilt beaches along the Arabian Sea: the Sultanate of Oman is a country rich in diverse natural beauty. All just waiting to be explored…

Sep 03

Travel Video: Bogota, Colombia

A city 2,600 meters closer to the stars. This motto is a creative perspective and an accurate one too. The major altitude is inescapable and it forms much of the city’s unique natural layout. Bogota is not the type of capital that melds all the various aspects of the country, in fact it has very …

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Apr 04

Wine Tourism: destinations to savor

The sensational experience of Wine Tourism

There’s more than one way to experience a destination. For some an idea of travel may simply involve going and seeing a place. We are blessed with so many other senses that can often be forgotten, unless we really immerse ourselves into our destinations. One can smell the spices of an Eastern market, or one …

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Mar 20

Chile: some adjectives to describe a wonderful destination

A church in the highlands of northern Chile

For those of us who are passionate about travel, we are always seeking new adventures. These destinations on the one hand are so exotic that they will impress forever, but on the other hand make us feel welcome and at home almost from the moment we arrive. Although I am a staunch advocate for the …

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Feb 19

Sarajevo: at the crossroads of culture

The hills of the Bosnian countryside around Sarajevo

At first glimpse anyone looking down from the lofty heights of the rim shaped mountains onto the city in the valley below might not expect to find too much in the city of Sarajevo. I have to confess that I myself was somewhat skeptical of what this midsized Balkan capital in a newly formed country …

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Dec 17

Thoughts on destination tourism

Every destination has its particular attractions

It is true that even generally all travel and tourism has a goal. Sometimes the goal may be very specific, other trips may include a fair amount of day to day decisions or even wandering, but even in this circumstance the goal may be to wander. Outside the typical vacation, business trip, sightseeing tour or …

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Oct 22

What are the advantages of regional tourism versus single destination trips?

Single vs Multiple Destinations

The kinds of trips tourists have been taking vary essentially with almost every kind of tourist. Many factors such as budget, free time and even personal endurance affect how much time and where we find ourselves on the road. The single destination trip was once the predominant form of travel. With time constraints on mobility …

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