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Dec 23

Izola: the relaxed Slovenian sea town

  Slovenia is certainly one of Europe’s most diverse and beautiful countries. It has a wide range of geography from mountains to plains to the immense blue of the Adriatic sea which is the location of carefree and striking Izola. Slovenia has always struck me as a private getaway because one can experience all the benefits …

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Oct 21

Lantau Island: Hong Kong’s mystical escape

  Anyone who thinks Hong Kong will surely be right in remembering or imagining the metropolis of an island so jam packed with skyscrapers, apartments, shops and vendors that wide open spaces seem half a world away. Yet even amidst this booming center of commerce, habitation and fun, there are wide open fields and lofty …

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Aug 16

Why is everybody going to Ireland?

  It is a question that I asked once and now find myself having an answer, in the meantime I write these lines and reflect on the beauty and contrasts of this fascinating country, I’ll enjoy a Guinness and hear a beautiful Irish song, one of those that reminds me of ancient times and a …

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Jul 31

Traveling during hurricane season


We are almost in July and many people feel like summer is starting to go away, so they want to put together some last minute travel plans. The Caribbean is always on top of the list of destinations. It is a fact that the main vacation season in United states is at the same time …

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Jun 08

Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi: a destination in paradise

  Have you ever had a dream so real that when you woke up it took you a few minutes to realize it wasn’t? Well, as I sit here back in my day to day routine, having just come from the reality of the Maldives I have a similar feeling. It is not that my …

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Jun 02

Getting into Maldives


  I know that many might be looking into how to logistically arrive to and move about in the Maldives, yet if my arrival here has taught me anything it is that the Maldives aren’t simply a place, but an experience, so I invite you to probe the depths of these sensory wonders, skirt around …

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May 24

Samoa: hidden treasure of the South Pacific

The hidden beauty of refreshing lagoons in Samoa (photo: David Kirkland/Samoa Tourism Authority)

There are many great tropical isles and formations of nature across the world that take our breath away. Oftentimes these wonders are set in places of extreme isolation and perhaps that is part of what keeps them so pure and wild. Yet for all the wonderful places that exist in this way imagine how much …

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May 10

Turks and Caicos: one of nature’s purest hideaways

The stunning glory of Turks and Caicos

  I’m sure everyone is familiar with the sensation every now and then of putting aside something we’ve found to be irresistible. It is a little indulgence, perhaps hiding a box of chocolates from where the kids can’t find it or saving an amazing bottle of wine for an as of yet unknown special occasion. …

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Mar 19

Naussau: a soothing stay on the island of enchantment

Capture the bliss of tropical Nassau

There’s always something about islands which gives me a little tingle in my spine or a pep in my step when I see them. It really doesn’t matter from where, either aloft in a plane or from a distant, mainland shore or approaching in a boat, my spirits soar with an emotion I can only …

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Mar 03

North Cyprus: Traversing the Line

The port at Kyrenia

Oftentimes in our lives and national histories we have arrived at decisions which affect our lives, relationships and goals. It may be something as simple as a new discipline, more complicated like ending a relationship or realizing that for all parties concerned, we go our separate ways. Such resolve and change is not the ideal, …

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