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May 18

Vilnius, Lithuania: The charm of a beautiful European capital

  Lithuania still sounds like a new country for many of us, the true is that this is an ancient nation, a land which has been populated by a diversity of peoples over the centuries. My trip to Vilnius, the capital was full of discoveries. It was an encounter with a beautiful European town with …

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May 13

A personal experience of San Francisco

It was supposed to be a quick trip. I just wanted to be there, walk around and see the Golden Gate bridge. The truth is that San Francisco fascinated me, it is an electrifying city. Now I understand why this is one of the most visited cities of the world. Sharing with many others who …

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Jul 27

The best Tented hotels of the world

The Wilderness produces some kind of fascination in most of us. It is the combination of being in close contact with nature and the feeling that in some ways these places make us one with the world. It is for that reason that human beings love camping, it brings a special kind of experience that …

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Jun 08

Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi: a destination in paradise

  Have you ever had a dream so real that when you woke up it took you a few minutes to realize it wasn’t? Well, as I sit here back in my day to day routine, having just come from the reality of the Maldives I have a similar feeling. It is not that my …

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May 18

Alaska: vast expanses of frontier beauty

View from the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau (photo by ATIA/Mark Kelley)

    Any attempt to summarize or capture the immensity of Alaska is bound to fall short. The state is absolutely huge, the territory is so vast, so variant and so beautiful that it could literally take lifetimes to explore. But with any large endeavor we need to start somewhere lest we be completely overwhelmed …

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May 14

Studying Abroad: learn to travel for the rest of your life

Traveling as a student can be a formative experience

Studying abroad can be a life changing experience. It can open up new possibilities for travel, inspire new ideas for life and careers and even bring opportunities that may change lives. Sadly for those who never experience it, the joys of traveling might never be found, but even those who have studied abroad might not …

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May 09

Arkansas: Maybe it is time to plan a different vacation!

Whitaker Point: Ozark Mountains.

    I have been to Arkansas many times and there is something really special about this place. Perhaps it is the stunning nature. When one goes from one side of the state to the other the first thing that the visitor beholds are the vast extensions of greenery and scenery. If one enters from …

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Apr 27

Tivoli: the marvelous town of ancient garden villas

The charm and allure of Villa d'Este in Tivoli, Italy

Sprinkled around Rome in the region of Lazio are a multitude of small towns whose history and heritage are as ancient as the stones and mosaics that pattern every inch of their territory. There are many cities, most set upon verdant hills, whose identity is unique and connected to a great tapestry of stories, traditions …

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Apr 24

Al Ain: Discovering the unexplored destinations in the United Arabic Emirates.


I visited Abu Dhabi for the first time a year ago. I was really fascinated by the city and the whole country. The United Arabic Emirates is a group of small kingdoms (Emirates) that came together as a federation around fifty years ago. Until recent years this was an almost unknown corner of the world. …

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Apr 20

Athens: Exploring the cradle of Western Civilization

The magnificent structure of the Parthenon

Some places thrill us by their modernity and offer us fascinating new ways to live life. Yet even as we are so anxious to look towards the future there is always some nostalgia for the past. There is a great mystery or even pride that we can enjoy when we see how far we have …

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