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May 23

Travel Etiquette: rethinking the basics

  As travelers and tourists we can often feel a sense of entitlement when setting out for a trip. This is something not altogether unreasonable, we have probably saved up our funds for the journey or at least we are putting in from our time and efforts. Etiquette for most of us might be an …

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Mar 22

Coveñas: Colombia’s calm seaside getaway

    Colombia’s Northern frontier borders on the warm waters of the Caribbean coast, it is an area that is marked by historic outposts, wild surroundings and beautiful beachfronts which are just now emerging from sleepy enclaves into something more. One town that fits well this description and is making a good name for itself …

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Mar 15

Berlin: the city of alluring transformation

    Having heard good things about Berlin before and quite honestly just wanting to get to the bottom of it, I recently undertook a trip there. After having experienced it I think it ranks among some of the best European capitals and it is a touring treasure central Europe. The city’s lengthy and storied …

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Feb 23

Ten great destinations for this coming spring

    The time to start planning spring travel is here. We are almost going out of this cold season and already craving for some more comfortable weather. There is not other time of the year to enjoy the outdoors like spring. Related PostsZakopane: Poland’s purest expression of nature Ljubljana: an inviting city of classical …

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Feb 10

Are those travel rewards programs really worth it?

I have written several times about the same issue of loyalty programs and I am doing so again because I will never get too tired of explaining to people how worthwhile this can be, even for those who are not tremendously frequent travelers. In fact that is the main mistake that many people make, because …

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Jan 18

Patong Beach Phuket, Thailand

  Patong Beach in Phuket Thailand is certainly the most popular beach in Thailand’s most popular vacation destination. Like many of the shores of Phuket it is blessed with long stretches of golden sands, strong waves from the Andaman sea and a lush tropical backdrop. The town itself is expansive and teeming with tourists. For …

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Jan 13

The best Apps for travelers

  We live in a very technological world and this obviously impacts every aspect of our lives. Traveling is not exempt, but actually many of these rapid developments have opened new possibilities and have made the travel experience easier and more accessible than ever. There are thousands of applications around for technological devices such as …

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Jan 01

How are you planning to travel in 2013? traveling expensive, traveling cheap or not traveling at all?

  While writing this article I am sitting on the balcony of my room at one of the most fabulous beach hotels I have ever stayed in. The view is spectacular, as my hands swiftly type the sun sets in the distance painting the sky with the most stunning colors as the silence and tranquility …

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Jun 22

Are rewards miles really worth the effort?

Minolta DSC

  I have been flying for many years now and I love to do so. On the other hand I can not help but notice how the experience has changed in such a short time. Now airports are overcrowded, tight security makes the experience unpleasant and the seats in the airplanes are smaller, to all …

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May 21

For travelers: which credit card is the best? Does a traveler need a credit card at all?

credit cards

Credit cards arouse in people love-hatred feelings. No one denies that they are excellent financial instruments, at the same time many persons are in financial ruin because of them. I will not say that it is necesarily because of the credit card, but because of the lack of prudence and knowledge in how to use it. …

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