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Jun 11

Driving in the Amalfi Coast of Italy

It is probably one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, and in a country such as this a place has to be really stunning to be included among the best. The Amalfi coast is a group of little towns along an amazing  coastline of wonderful blue tones. Related PostsTravel Etiquette: rethinking the basics A …

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May 18

Vilnius, Lithuania: The charm of a beautiful European capital

  Lithuania still sounds like a new country for many of us, the true is that this is an ancient nation, a land which has been populated by a diversity of peoples over the centuries. My trip to Vilnius, the capital was full of discoveries. It was an encounter with a beautiful European town with …

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Feb 04

What airlines in the USA can do better?

  I fly a lot around the world and I have to admit that even when some airlines in United States have had some improvement in the last years, it is still far from the standards of other international companies. It is not a secret that airlines in general have dropped the quality of their …

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Jan 14

Renting a car in United Arabic Emirates


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Aug 11

Leuven: Belgium’s historic university town

  While many great European cities can boast premiere art and architecture, fascinating moments from history and centuries old café’s many would be at a loss to offer all this and a lively, youthful population to go along with it. True many European cities are home to outstanding universities, but Leuven is a town that …

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Jul 31

Traveling during hurricane season


We are almost in July and many people feel like summer is starting to go away, so they want to put together some last minute travel plans. The Caribbean is always on top of the list of destinations. It is a fact that the main vacation season in United states is at the same time …

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Jun 11

Moscow: city of grand treasures

The famed St. Basil's Church in Moscow's Red Square

If there is one concept that defines Moscow and indeed all of Russia it is grand, massive, impressive or as the locals say “Bolshaya.” It is fitting that the largest country in the world has the ego and personality to go with the territory. That is not to say that one cannot appreciate the small …

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Jun 05

Entering Dubai with an Israeli stamp in the Passport

International Terminal at Dubai Airport.

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Jun 04

Renting a car in Israel


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May 29

Munich Transit Pass

Munich's modern transit system

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